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    Books on Maven

    Apache Maven Cookbook

    • Covers: Maven 3
    • Published: Packt Publishing (August 2015)
    • Authors: Raghuram Bharathan
    • Buy the Book: Packt, Amazon

    Apache Maven 3.0 Cookbook

    • Covers: Maven 3
    • Published: Packt Publishing (August 2011)
    • Authors: Srirangan
    • Buy the Book: Packt, Amazon

    Getting Started with Apache Maven [Video]

    • Covers: Maven 2.2.1, and above
    • Published: Packt Publishing (September 30, 2013)
    • Authors: Russell Gold
    • Buy the Video: Packt

    Articles on Maven

    If you are writing an article on Maven we suggest contacting the developers on the mailing list as we would be happy to provide feedback to help ensure accuracy in your article. Just ping us on the dev mailing list to get in touch.

    Title Publisher Author Published
    Customise the Maven Release process Maarten Mulders January 2020
    Create a Customized Build Process in Maven John Casey August 2009
    Maven: mas que una herramienta de construccion (in Spanish) Manuel Recena June 2009
    Introduction to m2eclipse TheServerSide Tim O'Brien, Bruce Snyder, Eugene Kuleshov July 2008
    Maven 2.x (in Turkish) Anadolu Üniversitesi Mustafa Sait Özen August 2007
    Setting up the Internal Repository The Server Side Avneet Mangat June 2007
    Maven - Menos mal que has venido (in Spanish) Universidad de Sevilla Manuel J. Recena Soto 6 November 2006
    FAQ for Maven and Continuum (in French) Developpez.com Eric Reboisson 11 October 2006
    Java Posse #070 - Interview with Brett Porter of Maven Java Posse Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Dick Wall, Joe Nuxoll, Brett Porter 18 July 2006
    The Maven 2 POM demystified JavaWorld Eric Redmond 29 May 2006
    Maven: Building Complex Systems Dr.Dobb's Gigi Sayfan 21 April 2006
    Get the most out of Maven site generation JavaWorld John Ferguson Smart 27 February 2006
    An introduction to Maven 2 JavaWorld John Ferguson Smart 5 December 2005
    Building J2EE Projects with Maven OnJava Vincent Massol 7 September 2005
    Master and Commander by Julien Dubois Oracle Julien Dubois November 2004
    (Coverage of the release of Maven 1.0) internetnews.com Sean Michael Kerner 15 July 2004

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